About MAP

The Macedonian Association of Processors (MAP) was established in March 2002. The association has no political character, is a non-for profit organization and was registered in accordance with the law on associations of citizens and foundations in the Republic of Macedonia.


Activities and services of MAP focus on meeting the demands of its members, such as:

  • Organizing joint purchase of raw materials to produce more competitive final products

  • Taking part in all meetings related to the processing industry in the country

  • Creating an environment for joint export of MAP members in order to meet larger demands from foreign buyers

  • Coordinating members' activities to acquire HACCP and ISO standards

  • Distributing information, especially regarding market trends, regulations of the EU and other target markets

  • Strengthening the cooperation with farmers and farmer associations in order to mutually plan activities

  • Establishing cooperation with private and public institutions, the business community and international projects active in the Republic of Macedonia

  • Initiating business linkages with similar institutions and foreign associations


  • MAP has an open-door policy

  • MAP welcomes all individuals and organizations active in the fruit and vegetable processing industry

Objectives and tasks

The overall objective of the Macedonian Association of Processors is to further develop the fruit and vegetable processing industry, to contribute to the overall economic growth and to increase the employment in the Republic of Macedonia.

The tasks of the association comprise the following:

  • Increasing the competitiveness of Macedonian processed fruit and vegetables

  • Increasing the quality of processed products and to introduce a seal of quality

  • Strengthening the potential of MAP members to enter foreign markets

  • Informing MAP members about market trends, technological and legal issues

  • Coordinating business delegations and joint presentations at trade fairs

  • Lobbying towards protecting the interests of the fruit and vegetable processing industry

  • Providing continued training to MAP members